Hey. I know I haven't updated in a while, and that's not just with my site. I haven't been active anywhere online for quite a while now. The lack of and ISP will do that to ya. Well, I have a new addition, Knux.jpg. I drew it last week, but didn't get around to coloring it until today. Sorry once again for the wait, and I hope you enjoy this new addition. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions email me or catch me on AIM screenname: Dai Guremoui. Thank you.

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Self Doubt
Self Doubt Colored
Self Portrait
Self Portrait colored
Knux the Fox aka ME! (as seen in the comic, Hard Knux.)

Harper Okibi

Harper Original
Harper at school
Close-up of Harper
Profile View of Harper
Harper in Sakura
Harper Hope

Dai Guremoui

Dai meditating in the forest
Dai crying in the rain
Dai in the rain colored
Dai in training
Dai Tired
Dai New Style
Dai Pride
Dai Trust
Dai Head


Kitkashu Original
Kitkashu Vengence


Atashi Falling
Atashi falling through clouds
Atashi TG'd into a
Atashi's New Look
Atashi by Knux


Myst cosplaying as Dark Magician
Myst working out
Myst fanart by Knux
Myst fanart colored by Knux

(C) 2004 Legend of Dai. Rights to Dai Guremoui, Harper Okibi, Knux and Kitkashu belong to me, the artist, Knux. Rights to Atashi-Cloud and Myst (excluding my fan art) belong to my friend, Atashi. All writings are by Atashi and I. No other sources were used. If you would like to distribute these pictures, sketches or writings, send an e-mail to me at cybermasterx2003@yahoo.com. All Rights Reserved.

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