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A Message to All Hunters

This is Dai Guremoui, and I have a problem. First off. This message is directed toward anyone who hunts for "sport". I have no problem with hunting for food to eat in order to live. But the killing for pleasure has got to stop!

Maybe I shouldn't have, but I've read what you hunters have to say about this. You say that you only hunt to control the population of such animals as foxes, wolves, tigers, cougars, etc. But I know for a fact that you purposely kill such animals for fun, money, or some other purpose such as a beautiful fur coat. Hey, if you want my fur so fscking bad, give me a freaking razor and I'll shave it off for you! I'd rather be naked and cold than dead. Besides, it will grow back that way. I can't, however, give you my skin. I need my skin to live.

Listen. If it was up to me, I'd be killing every one of your sorry, slimy asses! They say the best defense is a good offense right? The problem with that is, your kind considers that murder. Why is it so different when you do that to us?!

I'm sorry if I'm being "unfair". Perhaps you feel like I have you "trapped" with no way of fighting back. Why don't you try looking at things from my perspective? I mean, who, in their right mind, wants to die? I don't, but I know, being a fox, that someday, someone like you is going to come after me and try to kill me. Sure, perhaps a big cat would stand a better chance against you, but me? I'm not much bigger than a house cat, and not a whole lot stronger. Given that, still, I don't think any of us can stand up to your gun. You hit a vital organ on any of us, we die. Even if you shoot me in the leg. I don't have a whole lot of blood to spare. I'd bleed to death.

I know many of you fsking hunters like to use dogs. One argument was made by a hunter that you kill foxes that have rabies. Um...think about that for a minute. You are hunting with dogs to get rid of a diseased fox... Wouldn't all the dogs that bite the fox then become infested with rabies? Hey, I know it's not pleasant for you, but just let the fox die on it's own. It is a deadly disease. And if you are really worried about the rabies, call a vet or something. Report it to the ASPCA. It can be treated. Natural fox instincts say "stay away from humans". We can smell you. If your scent is on something, we will stay away from it. A fox in his or her right mind will not hurt you. So, why are you so intent on hurting us?

I'm not sure exactly if a big cat has the same instincts, but I do know that, like us, they are territorial. As you are. You don't like strangers barging into your house do you? If someone you don't know just barges right into your home, wouldn't you want them to leave? Especially if you have children? I've seen a hunter come right into a vixen's home and try to kill her and her kits. What does that prove? Of course, the vixen will give all she has to try and protect her kits. She will die for them. Any good parent would do the same. But what does that prove for the hunter once he's killed her and her kits? If the male fox in the family were to be in the area, he would smell the hunter, and smell the blood of his mate and his kits. He would most likely give his life in vengence. Once the entire family is dead, what have you gained? Do you feel ANY guilt?!?!

I'm getting tired of yelling.... Here's a page that makes me want to throw up. There are so many pictures on here that portray needless, violent, cold-hearted killing. No, wait. "Killing" is too nice a word. Let's try "SLAUGHTERING"!!! It's seeing stuff like this that really makes me want to fscking kill every single one of you fsking a$$hole hunters!!!!!!!! Y' know? There really isn't a word in the human language that acurately portrays my feelings toward you. Perhaps this would do a better job...

I leave you on this note. Fsck you all and I hope you all fry!

(C)2004 Legend of Dai. All Rights Reserved. "Angry" is by Fox-Tempest ryder. Edited by Knux.