Yay! My page for foxes is finally started! Count on me making several updates as I go. This page will have sounds, pictures, and movies as well as information on foxes. Hello. Sorry, did I startle you? Yes, I am myself a fox. You may have seen me around here before. My name is Harper. I know just as much about my kind as I do healing. If you don't know, I can teach you.

        Like you humans, we all have different colors. The majority of us, like me, are red foxes. Dai, however, is a gray fox. If you knew me before visiting this page, then certainly you'd know Dai. Hmmm....maybe you are wondering why I'm doing this page instead of Dai. I'll tell you. He'd love to, but he's just too busy training. I try to get him to settle down sometimes, but he seems so intent on becoming stronger. *Sigh* But I really can't blame him. I've come to know this as a nt "male" trait. Oh! Atashi just told me he wants to see pictures of Fennecs since he is one. Well....That's a good reason to move on to the pictures!!!


Kawaii!!!!! Fennecs are sooooooo cute! Although....they're kinda short.......and scrawny....Oh, Atashi! Hi!!! Um....I was telling everyone just how cool Fennecs are....yeah..... Um....oh. I'm not saying that your are short and scrawny. You are an exception! You're still angry aren't you? *sweat drop* Moving on!

Gray Foxes

Hmmm....I find gray foxes to be ruggedly handsome....:) *blushes* Well, you may have noticed that during some seasons, gray foxes actually look pretty similar to red foxes. The thing is, their color patterns are a little different. You may notice that their feet and ear tips aren't black like mine. Shall we move onto red foxes? I'd like that...

Red Foxes

See? Red foxes are cool. We're all wearing designer gloves and boots, and they didn't even cost anything!!! As I said before, the red fox is the most common type of fox. Chances are, you might have seen one....maybe.

Arctic Foxes

Well....I don't know much about these foxes, considering they aren't from around here, but it seems obvious that they are colored to blend in with snow. Hmmm...I like snow, but I wouldn't want to stay in it for long periods of time.

Eh, well. How about some common fox speech? You people probably can't make out specific words, but well, when a fox sounds a certain way when he or she talks, they tend to get their point across regardless.

| Calling a mate. :) | A fox yelling to get attention | Foxes playfully "barking" | This is commonly referred to as a "chirp" | Awww...a kit crying out to it's parents. | A little "disagreement" between two males...ugh. | Kits playing | A cry of distress from a red fox. Not good. :( | A..."squall". :) | A fox giving a signal of warning | Can't be translated to human...sounds like "wawawawawawa" | Common speech...er.."chirps". | Again common..."chirps". |

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